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Both the lower and the alpine parts of Rila offer excellent conditions for snowshoeing! If you have the spirit of an explorer and getting off the beaten track always sounds tempting to you, snowshoeing is definitely something you must try! The basics are relatively easy to master, and the experience itself is very rewarding. The snowshoes will allow you to hike in winter conditions when the marked eco-trails in the Rila Mountains are usually covered with deep snow. You can rent snowshoe equipment from our Ski & Board Shop, located at hotel Ela. We have various TSL snowshoe models, telescopic poles, and non-retractable poles. If you have previous experience and feel confident enough, you can explore the area on your own. Remember to always double-check the weather forecast and the avalanche risk in advance. We can also arrange an experienced local mountain guide for you or your group! For this option, please, contact us in advance on! What to wear: Always wear warm and comfortable clothes, shoes, and socks. All our snowshoes are adjustable, and can fit almost any type of winter shoes! If you don’t have ski pants and/or а ski jacket, you can rent from us as well. Booking in advance is required.

Price per day in Euro1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days
Poles (nonretractable) 34.567.510.59
Poles (telescopic) 57.501012.517.5015